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Aggressive Harnett Criminal Lawyers Fighting to Prevent, Reduce or Dismiss Your Charges with powerful resources available to help our clients. This allows us to provide you with the best criminal defense, no matter what charges you are facing.


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NC Drivers license revoked? Harnett County DUI lawyer can help! Free consultation.

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Harnett County Theft Attorney

Experienced Raleigh Theft Defense Attorneys

Theft Crimes are considered to be one of the two worst criminal offenses, the other being violent crimes. If you have been charged with a theft of any sort, you will need the help of a criminal defense attorney to stand a chance against zealous prosecutors. The punishments for conviction on some of these charges can be severe, and you should have qualified legal representation ready to get the truth out there. Unlike many large office criminal attorneys, we will always treat your case as top priority. We are proud of the service that we can provide to our clients.

Please contact us at (919) 331-0312 to get a free evaluation of your case. You usually get only one chance to defend yourself. Taking your chances is not a good strategy. Get solid legal representation from White Law in Wake County and Harnett County. Mistakes can be critical in any felony case. That’s why the experienced criminal defense lawyers from White Law Firm analyze every detail and use every defense to fight for your rights and freedom.  
Theft Charge Lawyers

Harnett Robbery Charges

Robbery is most commonly defined as the taking of personal property of another person against their will with use of force or fear. Types of offenses include strong-arm robbery, armed robbery, attempted robbery, and carjacking.


Taking, or intending to take, someone's property from a location such as a house, business, or car. Burglary is a felony and anyone convicted of burglary faces the possibility of state prison time. Representation in Harnett County and Wake County.  

Harnett County Larceny

Involves taking physical property from another person without his or her consent. It is considered a felony. Like theft, larceny may be charged as either grand larceny or petty larceny, depending on the value of the object taken.

Home Invasion

Breaking and entering with forced assault, battery, or confinement of the occupants, but often used to refer to a break-in of someone's home. This is looked upon as a very malicious crime and sentences can be especially harsh.

Petty Theft & Shoplifting

Petty theft is most commonly referred to as shoplifting and it is usually defined as the unlawful acquirement of someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the owner of his or her property permanently. First offenses for shoplifting are punishable by fines of up to $400 and informal probation of up to one to three years.   Contact us for legal representation in Harnett County and Wake County.

Other Crimes of Violence or Property

If you need a property crime defense lawyer for any charge not listed above, the attorneys at White Law Firm can still provide you with the best possible legal defense in Harnett County and Wake County. Please contact us for a consultation where you will receive the very best in honest legal counseling.

Grand Theft

Grand Theft is the unlawful seizure of someone's property with the motive to deprive the owner of his or her assets permanently. Grand Theft is considered a felony offense and this charge is usually filed when the value of the property stolen is more than a certain dollar amount.

At White Law Offices, we have the experience you need to move past this time in your life; no matter how serious the charge. Contact us today at (919) 331-0312.

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