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Aggressive Harnett Criminal Lawyers Fighting to Prevent, Reduce or Dismiss Your Charges with powerful resources available to help our clients. This allows us to provide you with the best criminal defense, no matter what charges you are facing.


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NC Drivers license revoked? Harnett County DUI lawyer can help! Free consultation.

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Raleigh Federal Crime Lawyer


Our Raleigh Federal Attorneys Possess The Skills Needed

Defending you against any federal crime including federal sex crime and federal white collar crime allegations. Federal crime typically involves wire frauds, mail frauds, accounting frauds, insider trading, securities frauds, tax frauds, crimes that involve federal benefits, immigration law violations, controlled substance violations, bank robberies or larcenies, firearm violations, child pornography, counterfeiting, or crimes committed on federal properties. If you are facing federal charges, our Raleigh federal defense attorneys are ready to come to your defense. Criminal cases may be filed in federal court when the alleged federal crime violated a federal law or took place on federal property. Government enforcement in these areas is currently very aggressive against both individuals and businesses.

Experienced Federal Defense Attorney

It is vital to hire a federal defense attorney who has experience with complex laws involved in these areas. Criminal investigations may occur in situations that used to be considered civil or regulatory. Penalties could include fines and federal prison sentences. Our Angier and Raleigh federal attorneys have the experience in fighting specific federal crime charges and will give you the best possible approach to staying out of the courtroom or mounting the most vigorous courtroom defense.

Federal white collar crime may be strongly pursued by the FBI or other federal agencies. Corporate fraud charges could involve false accounting entries, false trading, self-dealing by corporate insiders, misuse of corporate property, or procurement fraud. Other federal white collar crimes include money laundering, bribery, foreign corrupt practices, price manipulation, and export controls violations. A Raleigh federal defense attorney is best qualified to lead the attack to defend your constitutional rights against these charges. Our Raleigh and Angier federal attorneys have the expertise to represent business executives, union leaders, and public officials against alleged federal white collar crime. It is extremely important to contact us to learn more about your options and how we can help when facing such serious federal charges.

Federal Crimes in the Medical Field

Moreover, federal crimes are also found in the health care field. There may be fraud involved with medical transportation, pharmaceutical drugs, durable medical equipment, hospital or surgery center cost reporting, theft of medical data or other fraud managed by the use of computers. Federal criminal lawyers are the experts to turn to if you are facing any federal charges. Whether you are guilty of a federal crime or innocent, you deserve the best criminal defense attorney. If you have been accused of a federal crime, and NOT YET CHARGED, please contact us immediately so that we may assist you during the pre-file investigation stage of the criminal process. We are often able to negotiate on your behalf, creating a buffer between you and the FBI so that your inexperience dealing with such agencies is not used against you later on.

If you want the best in knowledgeable legal representation & a criminal law firm that will treat your case with consideration and concern, please contact us at (919) 331-0312 for a FREE confidential consultation.

Possession of Child Porn

Child pornography charges are considered to be one of the most serious criminal offenses on the state and federal level.

Bank Fraud

This serious federal charge carries the possibility of very severe, often life-changing punishments. If you've been charged with one of these offenses, you still have substantial legal rights that we will defend strongly.

Computer Fraud

Charges of federal computer fraud can be very complex and involve many intricate details. Hiring the right federal defense lawyer will be crucial in your defense.


Federal conspiracy charges can arise when you are accused of getting together with at least one other person to commit an unlawful act.

Counterfeit Credit Cards or Other Access Devices

If you have been charged with this serious federal crime, you need the help of an experienced federal defense lawyer.


To be convicted of federal charges of counterfeiting you have to have actually made counterfeit money willfully and with the intent to defraud others.

False Identification

Federal charges of false identification are very complex and need the expertise of a skilled federal criminal lawyer.

False Statements to a Federal Agency

This serious federal charge carries the possibility of very severe, often life-changing punishments. If you've been charged with one of these offenses, you still have substantial legal rights that we will defend strongly. Learn about your options.

Interference With Commerce by Robbery

Robbery on a federal level is a much more serious offense than most state level robberies. The federal sentencing guidelines are severe and most judges insist on sticking to them. Our federal defense lawyers know what it takes defend against such charges.

Mail Fraud

It is important to hire a federal defense attorney with the experience and knowledge of the complex laws involved in federal mail fraud cases.

At White Law Offices, we have the experience you need to move past this time in your life; no matter how serious the charge. Contact us today at (919) 331-0312.

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